Math 175 - Instructor Syllabus

Instructor Information

Instructor Jaimos F Skriletz
Office Math Building (MB) 236-D
Office Hours MWF 4:30pm - 5:30pm
or by appointment.


Section Meeting Time Location
004 MWF 10:30-11:45am ILC 403

Learning Assistant

  • My learning assistant is Kushalta Paudel.
  • Students in Math 175 can attend any LA session for the common courses.
  • Here is a calendar for all LA sessions for the common Calculus II courses.

Common Syllabus

Classroom Expectations

Every student has the right to a respectful learning environment. In order to provide this right to all students, students must take individual responsibility to conduct themselves in a mature and appropriate manner and will be held accountable for their behavior. As such, the following Classroom Expectations have been established:

  • Please be on time for class. Classes will begin promptly at the scheduled start time.
  • Class time will be used for studying and as such will end at the scheduled end time.
  • Cell phones should be turned off and stowed away at all times during class.
  • Complete the daily warmup or activities before starting on the WebAssign assignment for that day. During this time electronic devices should be turned off and screens should be closed.
  • During most sessions class time should be used for completing current assignments. Work on other assignments should only be after current assignment is complete.
  • When another student, the learning assistant, the instructor, or anyone else is address the classroom, please give them your attention by putting down what you are working on.
  • When in use, electronic devices are only to be used for purposes related to this course such as access WebAssign and class notes.
  • Students who disrupt the class or behave inappropriately may be asked to leave.


A learning goal of this course is to be able to correctly explain how to arrive at a solution from the given information using correct logic and mathematical notation. Students are required to show all work for full credit on quizzes and exams.

Many questions in WebAssign will have an associated worksheet, which is designed as a place for you to show work and get feedback on the work you are showing.

You will need to show all work on the worksheets and keep them for worksheet checks. You will be given a copy of the worksheets in class, or can print a copy of them from the course webpage.

Quiz and Exam Requirements

Your grade on quizzes and exams includes the quality of the presentation of your solution as well as the correct answer. In short you must show all work to receive full credit. Your work must:

  • Be Neat. Sloppy work will score poorly, if it gets graded at all.
  • Be organized and easy for me to follow. Clearly label each problem, hand the problems in the proper order, and start a new line for each step or thought in the problem.
  • Use proper mathematical notation to communicate.
  • Graphs must be drawn on graph paper using a straight edge and labeled completely as follows:
    • The input and output axes must be labeled with both the quantity measured and the units used (if applicable).
    • The input and output axis must include tick marks with enough of them numbered so that the scale is clear.
  • Solutions to word problems must clearly label and described any quantities used and what the different formulas measure.
  • Answers must use correct units (if applicable).